Johnny and The Bluejays
Mohawk Valley Blues Society



 There's a new band in town playing the best of the "old-style" rhythm & blues along with their own jazz inspired approach to covering a wide variety of blues classics. Add a dash of "down-home funk" and you've got Johnny and The Bluejays.

The band features John Hutson on guitar and vocals. John has been a fixture on the club scene in upstate NY since moving from southern California 15 years ago.

His soulful voice and Robben Ford inspired picking blends seamlessly with the musical stylings of Monk Rowe who plays keyboards, sax, and shares vocals for this "wrench-tight" combo. Monk is an instructor of saxophone and Director of the Jazz Archive at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. His musical repertoire is extensive (to say the least) and his tasty chops leave the listener wondering, "what just happened?!"

At the anchor of this musical unit is a rhythm section the likes of which most band leaders can only dream. Bob Sherwood on bass lays it down the "right way." There's no fluff here. Bob plays strong, solid bass lines that leave fans bobbing their heads to that Jamie Jamerson feel, while Phil Leone reminds us all why the drums are the primal instrument.

Phil knows what's needed to get the crowd pumpin', sweatin', and dancin' their angsts off! Simply put folks, "there's not a better drummer around!" 


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