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MVBS Annual Election Nomination Announcements

Here's the nominations to date:


Al Sisti for the Member At Large Seat:

  I am interested in running for the board member-at-large position I currently hold.  I have been an MVBS member for over a decade and an avid follower, performer and supporter of the blues for many more years than that.


Sandi Gentile for the Secretary Seat:

I have been a part of the MVBS board for 2 years.  For the past year I have held the position of Secretary.   I consider myself a good team player and a detail-oriented person.  I would like to continue with my journey as Secretary for the MVBS and respectfully request your vote to remain on for the upcoming term.


Colleen Jackson for the Treasurer Seat

I have had the privilege of serving as your treasurer for the past two and a half years. I would be happy to continue serving in this role on the society’s board. I bring to the office two and a half decades of experience from my career in hospital finance. I also bring to the position my passion for music as an enthusiastic fan who enjoys being able to help support such a vital and unique community resource that enjoys such a great wealth of talent, and likewise appreciative fans. It would be my honor to continue to serve the society as Treasurer for the next term, and so respectfully request your vote.


Sandra Hoerle for the At Large Seat

I submit my intention to continue in the position of member at large  


Joe Trisolino for the Chairman Seat

I am writing to submit my run for Chairman or vice chairman 


Mark Sisti for the Vice Chairman Seat

As most of you are aware, for the past three years I have had the privilege and honor to serve as the chairman of the Mohawk Valley Blues Society during the period of its greatest growth, both in terms of revenue and membership.  Our assets has tripled over that time, and we’ve pulled off shows that blues societies twice our size would have killed for, including the legendary Roomful of Blues and two shows featuring the premier frontman in the blues world, Kim Wilson.Our by-laws call for officers to step down after three consecutive terms, so this year I am running for MVBS vice-chairman and I am asking that you vote for me and put my experience on the MVBS board, as a newspaper writer, as a concert promoter and as a working blues musician to work for your blues society. The board that’s in place has become a smooth-running machine, and I’d like to be part of the continued success and growth of the MVBS


Bernie Clarke for the At Large Seat

I would be interested in running for a member at large

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