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MVBS Annual Election Nomination Announcements

Voting is now open! Download and complete a ballot and email back to the MVBS

My name is Mark Sisti and for the past two years I have had the privilege and honor to serve as chairman of the Mohawk Valley Blues Society during the period of its greatest growth, both in terms of revenue and membership.  I am now announcing my candidacy for re-election to the office of MVBS chairman and am once more asking that you vote for me so I can help the MVBS continue that growth. The MVBS is riding an all-time high right now, despite having to deal with the pandemic. Through most of the summer we were able to maintain the open jams at an extremely high level, both in financial terms and musical terms. Just before the pandemic we presented what may be our biggest show ever, bringing in the legendary Kim Wilson, and had contracted with one of the biggest blues bands in the world, Roomful Of Blues, before the pandemic caused the show to be put on hold (but not cancelled). Financially, we are on as solid footing as we’ve ever been, demonstrating fiscal responsibility while still accomplishing our mission to promote blues music.  Membership is growing constantly and those who have joined have become actively involved. If elected, this will be my final year as chairman under the term limit clause in the by-laws. When you’ve finished weeping over that fact, please vote for me and help me go out in style.


Mark Sisti
"Bain ceol as an tsaol"
-- Reap music from life

My name is Joe Trisolino. I am running for another term as a member of the board of directors of the MV Blues Society. As a member of the local broadcasting community am currently the promotions guy for our society. I think the society has done a lot of good shows and events  in the time i served and I'd like to continue what we've got going. 

Thank You

Joe Trisolino

These are certainly strange times in which we find ourselves, especially those of us whose go-to medicine and a vital resource, particularly in tough times, is live music. But rest assured, despite the uncertainty of the times, your blues society is stewarding your generous investments in helping us stay vital through all times, the tough ones and all the great shows yet to come. When situations change, and venues and events can safely open back up, we will be there with more great blues shows featuring great artists that we share with such a special group of music-loving friends.


I have had the privilege of serving as your treasurer now for about a year and a half. I would be happy to continue in this role as a vital part of the society’s dedicated board. I bring to the office two and a half decades of experience from my career in hospital finance, reimbursement, regulatory compliance, administration, and personnel management working at a major trauma center and teaching hospital. I also bring to the position my passion for music as an enthusiastic fan who enjoys being able to help support such a vital and unique community resource that enjoys such a great wealth of talent, and likewise appreciative fans. It would be my honor to continue to serve the society as Treasurer for the next term and help preserve, continue, and promote the society’s mission to bring love of the blues, a true American art, to the Mohawk Valley.


Respectfully submitting my name for renewed term as Treasurer,

Colleen Jackson 

 I am happy with what the society has accomplished and am eager to continue as a board member to contribute to the society's success.


Bill Pickles

My name is Sandi Gentile I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I will be running for secretary in this years elections. I have served on the board this past year and feel that I am qualified to fill this position.

Prior to starting my business I was a department supervisor for the front end of an animal hospital. I believe that I have the skills to take on this position and continue with the great job the prior secretary did for the past years.

Work and challenges do not frighten me but more important is my love for music and what the MVBS brings to this community is something that I believe in with all of my heart.

Sandi Gentile

I would  like to continue in the same position if voted to do so. 


Thank you

Tony Adamo

My name is Doug Roach, and I am running for a term as a member of the board of directors of the Mohawk Valley Blues Society. I was appointed to fill a vacant seat last year, and have been helping with setting up a new Web Site. I have a strong background in electronics and computers / software, and feel I can bring that experience to help the society as we continue to bring more and bigger events to the area.


Thank You

Doug Roach

I will run for Vice Chairman in the MVBS election.



Bernie Clarke

I will run again as a member at large in the MVBS election. 


Sandy Hoerle

This is John Osterndorff aka “X”. I am interested in running for a seat on the board of the MV Blues Society. 

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